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How to Pick a Better Charger for Your Mobile Phone?

For electronic devices, the charger is one of the most essential parts that would affect the user’s experience. With the continuous upgrade in mobile phone hardware and the innovation in the apps, it seems that the battery of our mobile phones cannot last as long as they used to do. Of course, a slow mobile phone charger can easily piss us off, especially when we need to use our mobile phone for urgency. In this article, we will discuss how to pick a better mobile phone charger, regarding the materials, charging ports, power, and the connection.

Some Tips to Get Your Mobile Phone Charger


In general, there are ordinary silicon chargers and gallium nitride chargers in the mobile phone market. Regarding the ordinary silicon chargers, the base material is silicon, and as the power increases, so does the volume, making carrying it awkward. Additionally, the heat dissipation is poor, making it simple for the plug to become overheated. The advantage of a silicon charger is the cheap price.

In comparison, the innovative third-generation semiconductor material is used in gallium nitride chargers. It can charge quickly and carry more power, and it is made in a smaller size. That’s why users prefer to carry a gallium nitride charger instead of a normal charger. Furthermore, the gallium nitride material will dissipate heat more effectively, avoiding the overheating issue of the plug, and the safety characteristics are better.

Charging Ports

Both single-port and multi-port chargers are available in the accessories store. One device can only be connected to a single port charger at once, which is typically the charger that comes with your mobile phone when you buy it. Moreover, some chargers are designed with more than one port and can connect multiple devices (multi-port chargers). For instance, a 3-port charger can be used to charge a computer, a game console, and a mobile phone at the same time. Through a multi-port charger, it is unnecessary to wait for another device to finish charging when you need to charge extra devices, which will raise the efficiency a lot.

Charging Power

According to the power that the charger allows to carry, there are ordinary chargers (lower power) and fast chargers. Ordinary chargers are typically used with older mobile phones and have a difficult time charging devices with more than 5W of power. In contrast, the fast charger has clear advantages over ordinary chargers and typically ranges from 18W to 120W in terms of charging speed. Modern mobile phones typically support fast charging, though this depends on the battery's ability to handle the additional power.


Depending on the connection, there are wired and wireless chargers. Using a wired charger is more stable and faster when the connection of a wireless charger could be disrupted easily. However, a wireless charger is safe and convenient because it will not get heated, and the user just needs to put the mobile phone on it simply (without plugging the phone)). For example, the iphone wireless charger is frequently used among different users, as it is not limited by the length of the cable.


In conclusion, a suitable charger could improve the experience of using the mobile phone. There are some points to consider when picking a good charger. For instance, a gallium nitride charger is now popular for its stability and capability, while more charging ports in a charger could also save us time. To shorten the charging time, a fast charger should be applied. Besides, wireless charging would allow the user to charge without considering safety issues (overheating) and make it easier to charge (don’t need to plug the mobile phone).

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